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Canvas, is the premier international bi-monthly magazine dedicated to art and culture from the Middle East and Arab world.

Published by Mixed Media, an exclusive boutique publishing house based in Dubai Media City, Canvas gives art from across the region a dynamic voice on the international stage. Immaculately researched and presented, Canvas is a feast for anyone who values culture. Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Ali Khadra, describes Canvas as 'a voyage of discovery that sets out to explore art and culture from a new perspective'. Edited by Mahnaz Fancy, numerous international experts on the region's art and culture (both ancient and modern) contribute to every edition.

Since its launch in January 2005, Canvas has received widespread acclaim from the royal households of the region, leading artists and devotees of art across the world. From Coco Chanel's private art collection in Paris to the record-breaking inaugural Christie's art auction in Dubai, its exclusive features seek to enhance the appreciation and understanding of art from Middle East and Arab world.

Canvas Guide is the essential 'what's on' online supplement to Canvas. Packed with events listings and articles, it has become the authoritative source for information on all events related to the Middle East - from Malaysia to Iran, Australia to Iraq and Northern America to Hong Kong. Other features include the popular Art Market section, which puts you directly in touch with galleries and artists selling their work, as well as engaging articles on the Middle Eastern art scene, featuring emerging artists, galleries, exhibitions, festivals and more.

Ali Khadra believes that Canvas reaches far beyond the realm of art. 'We live in vulnerable times, in which ethnicity, religion, politics and geography split societies with suspicion rather than uniting people with understanding. By bringing Middle Eastern and Arabian art and culture to the world's attention, Canvas is able to showcase all that is good about the region, and has been so for centuries.' Canvas is an exclusive magazine with extraordinary content. Available on news stands as well as by subscription, it celebrates the phenomenal power of art.

For more information contact:
Mixed Media Publishing
P.O. Box 500487 ,
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Tel: +9714 367 1693
Fax: +9714 367 2645

Editor's Notes

Ali Khadra Founder, Canvas Group A keen collector of Contemporary art, Ali Khadra began his career in the hospitality industry before turning his passion for art into a profession.

In 2004 he founded the boutique publishing house Mixed Media Publishing and launched its flagship title, Canvas. As the premier magazine for art and culture from the Middle East and Arab world, Canvas has received international acclaim and has established itself as a catalyst on the global art scene. Khadra has expanded the business to include contract publishing, Canvas Folios, art and luxury consultancy, Canvas Education and a creative art marketing agency. Furthermore, Khadra has participated in numerous international conferences and panels on the topic of Middle Eastern art. Khadra has recently launched Sorbet magazine, a unique themed quarterly that will focus on the inherent relationship between art and affluence.

A regional consultant for Christie's, Khadra is also a patron of the Tate Modern and serves on the committees of several organizations, including the Art Dubai board of patrons, Prix Pictet, the V&A's Jameel Prize, Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, the Abraaj Capital Art Prize, FotoFest International Biennial of Photography and Photo-related Art, and Chairman of the Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize 2011.

Khadra is an active advocate of philanthropy, which he also applies on the corporate level through Canvas Group's activities.